Kia’s Community Initiatives Towards Sustainable Development

Along with delivering some of the finest, most powerful and high-performing vehicles, Kia is also contributing to the betterment of society through its various community initiatives. In December 2021, Kia Canada joined hands with Community Foundations of Canada (CFC) to support multiple organizations and communities across Canada to continue doing incredible work in society. Inspired by the brand’s belief, ‘Movement that inspires,’ this initiative aims at human development and supporting underprivileged local communities, including racialized groups, individuals with disabilities, indigenous communities, immigrants and 2SLGBTQs. A safe and inclusive space is what Kia inspires to create along with CFC.

Kia Communities in Motion

Kia Communities in Motion

To drive inspiration, innovation and community building, Kia is investing $1.4 million over the period of four years to support local projects in the country. “At Kia, we recognize the importance of the incredible work being done at a local level.” Elias El-Acchab, vice president and chief operating officer, Kia Canada, said in a press release. “Communities know better than anyone what they need, and we’re so excited to support these important initiatives empowering the betterment of our world and the critical change that accompanies it.”

Projects Funded by Kia and CFC

So far, nine projects from the communities mentioned above have been selected under the Kia Communities in Motion initiative. These inspiring projects are seen as a transformative change in society to offer equal opportunities and platforms to all. Some of the incredible projects are:


Women’s Enterprise Skills Training of Windsor (WEST)

WEST supports the visible minority women, such as the Black, Indigenous, (and) People of Colour (BIPOC), by providing unique training opportunities to enhance skills and get entry-level employment and volunteer placements.

South Okanagan Immigrant & Community Services

The funded program, Moving Ahead, extends settlement and transportation support to newcomers in remote and rural communities. South Okanagan Immigrant & Community Services also aims to improve the quality of life, sense of belonging and overall well-being of the newcomers.

Black Boys Code’s Windsor Advancement Project

Proposed by the Black Boys Code, this project supports the Black male between eight to seventeen years to build and enhance technical and cognitive skills to work in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields.


First-Year Recipients of Kia Communities in Motion

Some other projects that are funded by Kia and CFC include:

  • The Nova Scotia Transformation Project by Sexual Health Nova Scotia
  • “At my school” by Défi sportif AlterGo
  • A Black People’s History of Canada by Dalhousie University
  • Bridging Service Collaborative by SaskAbilities
  • Rusty Springs Business Manual by Penticton and Area Cooperative Enterprises

Along with supporting multiple communities within Canada, Kia also contributes toward sustainable transportation by altering its automotive manufacturing procedures. Learn more about the community and sustainability initiatives of the brand at Foster Kia. Visit us at our Scarborough showroom for the latest updates about new Kia models.