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Buy Online

At Foster Kia we understand how the world today is shifting to online shopping more than ever. Thats why we have made it easy to shop with us for your next car from the comfort of your own home! We will provide you with all the information in our easy 4-step process listed below. You can complete as much as you’d like of the 4 steps and we can guide you the rest. We want to make your next car buying experience as comfortable, fast and transparent as possible.

Step 1: Select your vehicle

Choose from our wide section of New and Pre-Owned vehicles. We can even set up a video call to take you on a walk through of your selected vehicle!

– If we do not have your desired vehicle in stock, no problem! Use our build and price tool to build and customize your desired vehicle and we will locate it for you.

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Step 2: Get trade in value

If applicable please fill out as much info as possible so we can get the most accurate value for your trade before an in-person inspection from our professional trade appraisers.
You can trade any car no matter what the age or condition

At Foster Kia not only do we utilize professional appraisers but we can also shop your trade around to a network of over 2000+ buyers spanning across all of Canada!

What’s My Trade Worth

Step 3: Pre-Approved financing or leasing

Please fill out as much as info as possible so we can get to work on getting you an approval right away! If you have someone you would like to go on the application with you, please have them fill out a separate application.

Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or new credit, we work over 20+ banks (both major and minor) to get you the best rate on your next car!

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Step 4: Leave A Deposit

One of our staff members will call you and process the deposit (visa or debit visa)

Only $99 down security deposit required for a pre-owend vehicle and $500 security deposit for a new vehicle.

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