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Camila Bariani
Sales Representative

Hi my name is Camila, I was born and raised in Brazil. Being a newcomer to Canada and English being a new language to me. I wanted to find a car dealership with someone who could speak Portuguese or Spanish to assist me with my first car purchase here in Toronto. As an immigrant I wanted to find a car sales representative from my community who I can speak with in my language to fully understand the whole car buying process and not have any misunderstanding through my purchase. Unfortunately, I was unable to find one and had some language barriers with my own purchase. Now being at Foster Kia I want to provide my personal services to any new comers from my community to buy a vehicle and get approved for a finance or a lease with full confidence from me. I will make you feel at home and part of the family throughout your whole experience.

I am also an active member in our community and soccer is a big part of my life, as a member of my league we believe “ Home is where the heart is “ I have the empathy and commitment to support, introduce, and guide any newcomers, especially women, through the many pitfalls that could arise on the purchase of a vehicle. Be it approvals, financing, warranties, accidents on vehicles, assistance in setting up insurance and many other things I have learned in my 7 years of being on my own in this country both as a consumer and a sales person.

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