Scheduled Maintenance and Service Department

Maintenance Schedule

Canada is considered a ‘severe weather’ climate. Recommended service should take place at every 6,000km or every 6 months, or as indicated in the ‘Severe Weather Schedule’ in your Owner’s Manual.

Why is it important to service your Kia in accordance with the factory Recommended Maintenance Schedule?

By servicing your vehicle in accordance with the factory Recommended Maintenance Schedule, your vehicle will maintain warranty coverage, ensures a higher vehicle resale value, helps to prevent costly repairs, extends the life of the vehicle, decreases the chances of a mechanical breakdown and ensures optimum fuel economy. Please consult our Service Advisors for details.


Our Promise Statement:

In today's world our busy schedules keep us running to practice, grabbing groceries and driving to work through miles of traffic. Foster Kia understands your busy schedule and wants to make your service experience quick and affordable. At Foster Kia, we only perform services that are needed. When they're really needed! So you only pay for what's required today. We're dedicated to earning your business every time you bring your vehicle to us, so you'll want to come back the next time. That's the promise we make to you. Now you be the judge. At Foster Kia we are dedicated to:

  • Ensuring your car runs safely and efficiently
  • Doing our absolute best to make sure it's fixed right the first time
  • Getting you back on the road and enjoying your Kia vehicle as soon as possible

At Foster we offer:

  • Factory trained Technicians
  • Kia approved parts
  • Kia exclusive diagnostic tools and equipment at a competitive price

Servicing your own fleet? Wholesale and fleet discounts make us an ideal business to deal with. Talk to us today!